Are you analyzing log file data from your media buys?

We help sophisticated brands and agencies do 24/7/365 log file analysis and measure their ad buys.


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Optimize programmatic performance and spend

Impression level log file data and measurement solutions to improve reach, performance, and reduce waste

Are your ads running where you think they're running?

Avoid domain spoofing, app spoofing, and mis-declared inventory

Are you paying for ads that aren't seen by humans?

See how many dollars you spend on ads that don't get served, or are served to bots, data centers, or out-of-geo

Are your frequency caps working?

Most ad tech platforms don't honor frequency caps. That affects your reach and performance.

Are your ads viewable?

Check how much you are paying for non-viewable ads

Refund ops

Get refunds, make-goods, and clawbacks for ads that don't meet your standards

Optimize performance

Don't inflate your media buying costs; find ways to get high qualty media at fair prices