Who is paying to get your attention?

Adalytics' browser extension helps you collect, analyze, and compare the ads you are shown. See who is targeting you with their ads.

Personalized ad analytics

Use our ad tracking browser extension to find out who the internet thinks you are

Which brands are targeting you most?

Do you get mostly luxury, car, software, or finance ads? Does Nike or Adidas send you more ads?

How much are companies paying for your attention?

On certain websites, we can show you how much a company paid to show you their ad.

Do your friends & co-workers see the same ads?

Does your co-worker get more high paying job ads? Does your spouse see more divorce ads than you?

How relevant are the ads you see?

Are advertisers doing a good job of serving you 'the right ad, at the right time, to the right person?'

Is the internet confused about who you are?

Are you a woman who keeps getting ads for men's clothing? Are you a vegetarian who keeps getting ads for beef? Analyze your ad data to see if someone's making a mistake targeting you.

Do big tech companies disagree who you are?

Compare your ads from different platforms, like Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, or news websites.

Who does the internet think you are?

Get a breakdown of your ads by category - are you being targeted with technology, finance, travel, or health ads? Find out who the internet (and tech giants) think you are. Each ad you see gets categorized by an AI neural network. You can share & compare with your friends to see how similar you are.

See which companies are targeting you most

Who is paying the most for your attention? Get a visual breakdown of the ads that appear most often. Find out which brands want you as their customer. You might find some surprises!

Analyze the details of your ad persona

Which job ads appear most? How often do you see political ads? Which companies think you want their products?

Filter by ad URL
Search by category
Sort ads by frequency

Are you interested in tracking your ads?

We are currently in private beta. You can sign up for early access, or reach out to us with any ideas, feedback, or questions. You can see some of the research we have done so far with this extension on our blog.