Responses to inquiries with the Media Rating Council on TrueView skippable in-stream ads

The following message is attributed to Ron Pinelli Jr. - Senior Vice President of Digital Research and Standards at the Media Ratings Council.


MRC does not have any issue publicly stating what is subject to our accreditation audits and what those exclude. As a result, the below can be shared.

We publish these statuses on our site:

Introspectively, we have realized we need to be more explicit about what these include and exclude and will work to do so in the future. For example, we state Google is accredited for YouTube Brand Safety. We do not disclaim this excludes non-YouTube (GVP) as this is implied, but in hindsight, will work to provide more detailed public disclosures.

Each accredited service also receives a formal MRC accreditation letter that they are free to share that lists their specific audited and accredited scope.

Our 1P Content Level Brand Safety audit/accreditation for Google is limited to YouTube only and excludes certain aspects of YouTube (Masthead, Live Stream, Kids). GVP is not included in any way.

No 3P is audited or accredited for Google Brand Safety in any form.

We do 3P integration audits for processing and reporting of Google activity through ADH for Moat and DV (IAS auditing has not begun). We audit and accredit Google’s 1P measurement, collection, processing and transmission of data through ADH to 3P integrated reporters. Our audit of this on the 1P ADH end is limited to YouTube data provided to 3P integrators and our downstream audits/accreditation of 3P integrators for processing and reporting is also limited to YouTube (no GVP is included). 

We do understand that some of these 3P vendors have begun receiving GVP data. Our expectation is that this is segregated in reporting and disclaimed as unaccredited and we are working to confirm this. We do not consider this 3P direct independent measurement and note it on our site as 3P reporting and in our accreditation letters as independent third-party calculation and reporting.

We do audit Google for 1P measurement of some aspects of GVP in Google Ads and DV 360. This audit and accreditation for TrueView measurement is limited to in-stream formats only and limited to reporting within the Google Ads Video Viewability Report. 




Ron Pinelli Jr.

SVP Digital Research and Standards

Media Rating Council, Inc.

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