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Using network analysis to identify related websites

Graph diagram showing related websites
In early August 2021, several ad tech experts on Twitter discussed the phenomenon of “made for advertising” inventory. These websites appear to serve large amounts of ads, but are structurally and editorially distinct from typical news media or blog websites. Many of these sites use interesting s... Read More

How much are competing advertisers paying per ad impression?

$100 cash dollar bills arranged on a table
Who is bidding more for your attention: Nike or Adidas? Unilever or P&G? Are advertisers paying more to reach readers of the Wall Street Journal, Fox News, or Breitbart? Are any advertisers competing against themselves for the same ad impression by placing redundant bids?Adalyti... Read More

Verifying ad targeting, reach, and customer segmentation

Busy city street with ads showing on billboards
One of the goals of Adalytics is to give marketers and curious users greater transparency into the digital ad tech ecosystem and allow them to inspect how ads are served. Previous Adalytics research examined whether ad tech platforms are able to deliver the often alluded-to ... Read More